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Shine in the international job market with a degree from UBIS. We provide high-quality education in an online or blended format, so you have the best opportunity to succeed.

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    You bring the ambition, we’ll bring the education. Start by learning more about our micro degree programs.

    IT Bootcamp

    Seminar Marketing

    Data Scientist

    Cloud Architect

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Choose From 8 Certifications

  • MSIT Family

  • Data Science

  • MBA Family

  • Executive

  • Web/Mobile
    Design and

  • Finance and Banking

  • International

  • Business Sustainability
    and Ethics

The UBIS Advantage

Get World-Class Experience

We provide high-quality education that emphasizes the intersection of business, international relations, information technology, and the cross-cultural issues that stem from globalization.

Study Practically Anywhere

The flexibility of our programs allows you to learn in the environment best suited to your career goals and educational needs. Choose how you get your international experience.

Explore Today’s Issues

How do we prepare students for the challenges they’ll face in the global business community? We provide relevant education and applicable skills to ensure your success.

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